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Monday, April 4th, 2005
1:40 am
I thought the 'cotton' joke you caught shit for in the dirty jokes community was funny as hell, so I followed you over here. PC? That's for computers :D

I'll share my favorite joke:

Q: How was breakdancing invented?
A: Black kids trying to steal hubcaps from moving cars.
Friday, February 25th, 2005
1:21 pm
So a little fuzzy bunny is running through the woods when it comes upon a giraffe smokin a joint, the bunny looks at the giraffe and says "no mr. giraffe, dont do drugs, drugs are bad, come run with me instead through the woods." The giraffe looks at the joint, then to the bunny, then back to the joint, he throws it on the ground and joins the bunny to run through the woods. After a minute they come upon an elephant snorting some coke, the bunny jumps infront of the elephant and pleads "no no mr. elephant, dont do drugs, drugs are bad, come run with me instead throught he woods." The elephant looks at the razorblade, the mirror, the coke, and throws it all on the ground to join the other two to run through the woods. After a few minutes they come upon a lion shooting up some heroin, band around the arm and everything, the bunny hops infront of the lion and persists "no no no mr. lion, dont do drugs, drugs are bad." The lion looks at the needle, the heroin, and his spoon, then back to the bunny, and runs over to it and starts beating the shit out of it. The giraffe jumps up and yells "MR. LION, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING?" The lion looks at the giraffe and says, this little asshole makes me run through the woods everytime he's on X."
1:19 pm
Q: Whats small and slumped in the corner?
A: A dead baby
1:17 pm
Q: Whats brown, green, reeks, and is slumped in the corner
A: The same baby 6 months later
1:16 pm
Q: Whats the difference between a truckload of dead babies and a truck full of bowling balls?
A: You cant use a pitch fork to unload the bowling balls.
1:10 pm
So a man is mowing the lawn when his attractive next door a neighbor, a hot-ass blonde comes walking out the front door to her mail back and opens it, after a few minutes she shuts it, walks back inside, and closes the door. A few minutes later, while he's weed-eating, she comes joggin out the door, checks her mailbox, looks frustrated, closes it and runs back inside. When the man gets to trimming his driveway, she comes haulin ass outside, opens her mailbox, slams it shut and screams. He looks over to her and yells "is there something wrong?" she looks at him and says "ya, my computer keeps telling me 'you've got mail.'"

Current Mood: artistic
1:08 pm
So a 6-year old and a pedophile are walking through the woods, the 6-year old looks up at the pedophile and says "I'm scared," the pedophile looks down at the boy and says "your scared?, I have to walk back alone."
10:55 am
This is the first community that i have made so its gonna be a sec before i get it down pact, so i encourage everyone to let me know what could make it better, talk to ya pimps later

10:53 am
Q: Why did Elton John get a pussy tatooed on his lips?
A: Well that way he could fuck straight guys too
10:52 am
Q: Why dont Las Vegas women have aids?
A: because they marry assholes, not screw 'em
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